On-Purpose Coaching


I coach people who know that there’s MORE.

We all know what it’s like to be in a rut, even a comfortable one; to be bumping along feeling mediocre, or even pretty good, but just knowing there’s a whole lot more to life. There are a range of starting places …

Health and wellness

Perhaps you’re dealing with some health issues, would like to feel more energised, eat better, sleep better, lose/gain weight and just generally feel more YOU again. I am experienced in health and wellness coaching and I am connected to a wonderful network of other professionals who can support you as well.

Work-Life Balance

Maybe you want to change what you’re doing to earn a living or you want/need to earn more.

Perhaps you’re working too hard and your health or personal life is suffering. Maybe you’re feeling unappreciated and unfulfilled and looking for greater acknowledgement in what you do.
Is there a burning desire within you that’s never seen the light of day?

Change often feels difficult, maybe even impossible. Sometimes just the thought of making a change is terrifying. Yet sometimes a change is simply a tweak and not as drastic as we think. Often what happens is that once we’ve set an intention for what we want, the next logical steps unfold to show us the way.

Home Life & Relationships

Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill, stuck in the same old routine?

Maybe you just want to do more of what you want or explore something new, but feel locked into current commitments – financial, work, relationships, family.

Are you feeling stretched thin? Are you dealing with a constant level of stress and worry? Just want to feel freer and more yourself?

Even when we feel a million miles away from where we want to be, with just a little bit of help to take the smallest of steps we can be back on track, or ready to start out on a new path, relatively quickly and easily.

Individual On Purpose Coaching

It doesn’t matter what your starting point is, if your aim is to live your life on-purpose and with purpose, then I’d love to explore the possibilities of your amazing existence with you and find out what will take you from GOOD to GREAT!

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