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I have been a traditionally trained Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho) for over 25 years, providing hands-on and distant healing for people, and animals, wherever they are in the world.

My ability to tune into someone energetically allows for very targeted and effective ‘sending’ of energy and hundreds of people have reported its benefits.

This is pure life-force energy, free of any bias, influence or belief. It is not ‘my’ energy, nor do I impose it on another, in any way. It is intelligent energy that once directed goes exactly where it needs to go and treats the person in the most effective manner.

Distant healing is as effective as hands-on and in our current climate, working remotely is the most practical method. However, where practical, I am available to provide a hands-on healing experience.

Distant and In-person Healing

If you have something specific you about which you would like some focused healing or to gain some perspective and check on what is happening for you (or a loved one), then some Healing or an Energy Reading can be helpful.

This energy work may seem strange if you have not encountered it before. However, to me, it is simply an extension of those times when you get a “feeling” about someone or something; when you just “know” something. It’s the same thing as when you receive that “spark” of an idea, or the urge to call someone when they repeatedly pop into your mind. This is your natural energy ability showing itself.

Working with energy is a gift that I’ve always had, that I’ve honed as a skill and that I love to share. It is a gentle but powerful and supportive tool that can provide comfort, clarity and often, a much-needed boost.

A hands-on session is particularly of comfort to those with a serious or emergency health issue, or those in a hospice situation.


Distant Healing Session for yourself / for a loved one

  • If you would like a distant healing session for yourself or a loved one all you need to do is email me a first name and a location (I do not need a specific address), just a city, state, or general area.
  • Tell me if the request is for you or someone else. If you would like to you can tell me something specific you would like me to focus on – a health issue, a personal problem, a change or an intention that you would like help to boost.
  • I will let you know the time I have booked for you and email you afterwards to let you know that the session was completed.

    (GBP£60/ EUR€65 / AUD$100)

In-Person Healing Session

  • Depending on whether we are local to one another, or if there is the opportunity for me to travel to you, then I would be happy to spend time with you / your loved one / your animal in person to offer a hands-on healing session.
  • I am a trained Reiki Master, with over 25 years’ experience and have worked with people who have all manner of injuries and illness – in their homes, in hospitals, rehab centres and hospices.
  • Of course, you don’t have to be unwell to benefit from Reiki and hands-on healing! This is intelligent life force energy that will always target whatever you need most. It is particularly helpful in restoring balance, raising energy levels, improving clarity, whilst providing a wonderful overall boost to your body, mind and spirit.
    From $USD150/session

    (GBP£100/ EUR€125 / AUD$190)

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