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I spent over 15 years on Channel 9 – Australia’s largest TV network – producing, presenting and co-hosting a range of business and lifestyle programs.

My studio in Europe currently produces video and voiceover content for clients worldwide and in the last few years, we have created close to 7000 productions.

See samples here: 

We have affordable production formats to suit a range of promotional, educational and business platforms.

I also produce content for my own channels:

Video and Voiceover Production

Video is a powerful medium and I can help you create a production from scratch for any purpose – promotional, educational, informational.

It doesn’t matter whether you have no idea where to start or a very clear plan in mind, I can work with you to create a production that conveys your message and captures your audience.

If you simply need a voiceover I can record whatever you need or create something. I am often asked to voice radio and TV commercials, e-books, hypnosis and meditation recordings as well as business presentations.

From USD$100

(GBP£75/ EUR€90 / AUD$125)

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