Therapy, coaching and healing

If you’re going through a period of change, uncertainty or are just wanting ‘more’, then I can help. Maybe you’re at a turning point and need some direction. Or perhaps you’re a sensitive soul struggling to be seen and heard.

My work is a blend of the intuitive and the practical. I have an ability to tune in at a deeper level and offer healing and guidance from this place. But I am also very practical, so I want you to have information that you can grab onto and tools that you can use to help yourself.

Ultimately my aim is to take steps with you, that allow you to feel supported and that move you forward.

If you’re assessing where you are in life, knowing there’s ‘more’ but the steps are unclear, let’s work together to move through any fear to get to what excites you.

I particularly embrace working with sensitive souls, that either struggle with visibility or who are so busy looking after others they don’t have a chance to shine. Let’s find the perfect shade of “limelight” for you!

If you’re concerned about someone else – human or animal – I would be happy to reach out to them energetically to offer healing or a reading to address what they most need.


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